How to dispose of medicine

How to dispose of medicine

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Don't flush medication down the toilet

Unless the prescription instructions say otherwise, you shouldn't flush your medications down the toilet or pour them down a drain. Introducing even trace amounts of drugs into the water supply could create a public health hazard.

Check the medication label for special instructions

A few drugs can be especially harmful – even fatal in a single dose – if they're taken by someone other than the person they're prescribed for. These drugs may require disposal down the sink or toilet to avoid accidental ingestion.

Make sure you carefully follow the disposal instructions on the label. If you're not sure how to dispose of your medication, ask your pharmacist. Check out the Food and Drug Administration's website for a list of drugs with special disposal instructions.

Look for a medicine disposal program

Your local waste management company, hazardous waste department, hospital, or pharmacy may offer a service that will help you safely dispose of your medication. Check out the Dispose My Meds website to locate a medication disposal program in your area.

Follow these steps to dispose of meds at home

In order to prevent accidental ingestion by children and pets and to prevent drug addicts from seeking out medication in garbage cans and dumpsters, the American Academy of Pediatrics, Office of National Drug Control Policy, and the Food and Drug Administration recommend taking the steps listed below to dispose of medications at home. (If you don't have these supplies readily available, you can put the medication in a childproof medicine container with any personal information blacked out, disguise it in a box or bag, and take it directly to an outside garbage can.)

  • Take the medication out of the original container and place it in a sealable bag or plastic container with lid. If the drugs are solid, crush them and mix with water.
  • Mix the drugs with coffee grounds or cat litter, which will deter animals and children from consuming them.
  • Remove or black out the label to protect your personal information.
  • Place the sealed prescription container in with the drug mixture and dispose of it in the trash.
  • Keep your trash can in a place your child doesn't have access to.
  • If your trash is collected at the curb, don't bring it out until collection day to reduce the chances that an animal or person will get into it.

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