For us, our son will always be called Friday

For us, our son will always be called Friday

Weird and unusual names are always the order of the day. Do you remember, years ago, when in Italy, the Supreme Court decided that a Genoese couple had to change the name of their son to Venerdì (Friday), for Gregory the Great?

They chose this name because it was the one that corresponded to the feast day of the child's birth. The decision had been made to support the Civil Registry, which, in its day, refused to register the child with this name.

In his decision, the Supreme Court, famous for normally dealing with subjects without the slightest importance, alleged that the name Friday It could expose the child to jokes and ironies, since it recalls the name of Robinson Crusoe's indigenous companion, a character characterized by submission and inferiority, for not having reached the status of a civilized man. The parents of Friday explained in their day that they had never thought about the novel, and that they were even about to put the name of Wednesday, the day your baby was born.

They also insisted that famous people such as the captain of the Rome football team, Francesco Totti, have put the name of Chanel his daughter, and that Fiat Vice President Jaki Elkann of the Agnelli clan chose the names of Ocean Y Leone for your children. For this reason, the couple said that for them, their son will always be called Friday. Will it continue like this? In Italy, the law provides for the substitution of names that can limit social relationships and create problems of insecurity. In Naples that happens, for example, with women who are called Zoccola (prostitute). In Milan, there was even the case of a lady who changed her baptismal name. It was called Vera Vacca (True Cow). Nothing fairer that they can and should change, right? But the name of Friday It does not strike me as an extreme case of an exotic and shocking name.

We have already heard of so many infinitely weirder names, that this one does not seem so important to me. The strange thing would be if parents decided to put their other children, the names of the other days of the week: Saturday, Monday, Thursday...

Vilma Medina. Director of our site

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