Santo Cristino Day, April 29. Names for boys

Santo Cristino Day, April 29. Names for boys

Cristino is a name for a boy of Greek origin that means "the one who follows Christ", a fully religious meaning that has been losing weight over the years.

It is not one of the most frequent names, but its use is not extravagant due to its familiar and close air. He celebrates his name day on April 29, which is the day of San Cristino.

Because of the meaning of his name, Cristino has an energetic and combative character, which leads him to fight bravely for causes that he considers noble. In addition, Cristino has a natural talent for social relationships, being a cheerful, fun and optimistic person. Success often surrounds Cristino, who does not hesitate to do his best in whatever task he undertakes.

The name Cristino is a very rare name, although it still doesn't sound outdated. We find variants of the name of your child in the forms of Cristiano and Christian, as well as in the Greek Christós or the Slavic Hristo. More popular is, instead, his feminine Cristina. In any case, it is the ideal name for your son if you want to highlight his charisma and his guarantee of success.

We know several personalities who bear the name of your son such as the historical Spanish politician Cristino Martos Balbi, a prominent member of the government of the Republic, as well as the communist militant Cristino García Granada, a legendary anti-Franco guerrilla and member of the French Resistance during the Second World War.

But more popular and closer, we meet two footballers who bear the name of your son. Hristo Stoichkov, who was an F.C. Barcelona player during the time of the "dream team" and the current idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, adored by all the fans and who has contributed like no one else to popularize the name of Cristino.

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