How to get to Copenhagen traveling with children

How to get to Copenhagen traveling with children

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Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is a dynamic, cosmopolitan, modern and very beautiful city. The best way to travel to Copenhagen with children is by plane. The airport is very close to the city center and very well connected.

Danish transport is very efficient but expensive. Rent a bike to feel like a Dane or for a bike-taxi. Ride a buggy, boat or subway, all are good options for touring a fantastic city for families.

Copenhagen is a well-connected city. We can get there by plane, train, car or boat, but without a doubt, when it comes to a trip with children, saving time on the move is vital.


The best way to get to Denmark is by plane. Copenhagen International Airport, known as Kastrup, is located very close to the city, about 8 kilometers to the southeast.

To travel this distance it is possible to take the subway or the train in Terminal 3 of the airport. The train journey takes half an hour and the train frequency is approximately every 20 minutes. The price of the ticket is around four euros (much cheaper with vouchers or the Copenhagen Card).

More recommended is the subway, which costs the same but takes less - about 12 minutes - to get to the center and is more frequent: every 5 minutes.

Somewhat slower but also cheaper is the bus ride. Both the 30, as the 250S, and the 500S leave in the center of the city. At night, the 96N works.

It is also possible to take a taxi at the arrivals exit of terminals 1 and 3. It is the most expensive option and costs around 25 euros.


Traveling to Denmark by train is possible and in fact a good option for residents in the northern part of continental Europe.

Denmark is directly connected to countries such as Spain, Italy, France or Germany through the TGV-Europe rail network.

However, this type of trip is not highly recommended for families with children, because they are very long and tedious.

Public transport in Copenhagen is very practical and simple, but very expensive. You pay for a system of zones and the cheapest ticket includes all the trips by train, metro or bus that you want to make in one of those zones during a certain time. The price is 1 euro. Of course, each adult can take up to two children under 12 with them for free.

You can also buy vouchers for zones or time, which are cheaper, such as the ticket with 24 hours of validity that costs about 11 euros.

But, without a doubt, for tourists, the best option is the Copenhagen Card. The most basic option includes, for 33 euros, free transport by train, bus and metro, including the line that leads to the airport; Free entry to 65 museums and attractions in Copenhagen and various discounts for 24 hours.

In Copenhagen there are more bicycles than inhabitants and it is not surprising to see executives in suits coming to work on their bikes, well-groomed girls pedaling in their heels or young people down the bike path in a heavy downpour.

Although cycling is the preferred way for the Danes to get around, Copenhagen has a very well developed public transport system with trains, buses, trains and the metro. It is also very typical for tourists to navigate through the canals of the old quarter, take an original bike-taxi and even take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage.


With almost 400 kilometers of cycle lanes - including the most used lane in the world, with almost 40,000 cyclists a day - Copenhagen is a city famous for its cycling culture. The Danish capital is the world's first official ‘Bicycle City’ and has been awarded as ‘Best city for cyclists’.

Touring Copenhagen by bike is a pleasant experience, this is one of the few places in the world with traffic lights for cyclists.

If the children are older you can take a bicycle for each one, but if they are small, there is no problem because in Copenhagen you will find multiple options of bicycles with a kind of attached basket where one or two children can comfortably go. Go renting and enjoy cycling with the children of the Danish capital.


The Copenhagen metro is one of the most modern in Europe. It was opened in 2002, runs through the city from north to south, consists of two lines and 17 stations.

Currently, a third circular line is being worked on, which is expected to be operational in 2018. The current lines are:

- Line M1: from Vanløse station to Vestamager along 14.3 km.
- Line M2: from Vanløse station to Lufthavnen / Airport for 19.2 km.

The Copenhagen metro has very good frequencies: every two minutes during rush hours and every 15 minutes at night. On Fridays and Saturdays, the Copenhagen metro runs all night.


Copenhagen's train, called the S-Tog, runs through the semi-buried city from west to east and stops within the central area, at Vesterport, Nørreport and Østerport stations.

It is a very good option to move around the Danish capital and its axis of its route is the Central Station, where the metro line also converges.


Copenhagen's bus network completes the city's public transport diagram. It is especially useful to go to the most peripheral neighborhoods so it is not the most used transport by tourists.

Buses with a letter 'S' before the number are faster as they have fewer stops.


Besides being a tourist attraction that children like a lot and that allows a different perspective of the city, the boat in Copenhagen is a useful –although slow- means of transport.

In the central channel there are two lines of boats that work like regular transport.

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