Monuments for children on a trip to Stockholm

Monuments for children on a trip to Stockholm

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There is so much to see and do in Stockholm. A boat trip through the multiple channels will offer you a beautiful panoramic view of the city and its islands. A highly recommended excursion for families with children.

Once on land, the best way to feel the pulse of the city is by walking it. The Stockholm City Museum organizes walking tours in the footsteps of the most popular Swedish band: ABBA. But if you are not nostalgic for seventies music, you may be more interested in another route from the 21st century: the Millennium tour through the places where Stieg Larsson's plot takes place.

Gamla Stand

Stockholm's old town, Gamla Stand, is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world. Its narrow, winding cobbled streets are lined with charming craft and antique shops, cafes and tourists.

In Gamla Stand are the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, the Nobel Prize Museum and the Livrustkammaren museum, among other notable buildings. The best way to explore this area is on foot and calmly. Don't forget to go through Mårten Trotzigs gränd, the narrowest street in Sweden.

Stockholm City Hall

The City Hall or Stadshuset with its 106 meter high tower topped by the golden spire of Tre Kronor is the image of Stockholm. It is also a magnificent viewpoint from which to contemplate the silhouette of the city, so do not hesitate and go up to the top of the town hall.

In addition to housing the offices of civil servants and councilors, the Stadshuset is the place where the famous delivery of the Nobel Prizes takes place. Guests at this event dine in the Blue Room and later dance in the Golden Room, decorated with 18 million pieces of mosaic covered in gold.

Stockholm City Hall is located on the shores of Kungsholmen Island, in Ragnar Östbergs Plan 1.
The entrance to see the interior of the town hall costs approximately 7 euros. To climb to the top of the Town Hall tower it is necessary to pay another entry of 2.40 euros.

Globen Skyview

Globen or Ericsson Globe is a gigantic sports stadium shaped like a gof ball located in the southern part of Stockholm. In addition to being a center for sports and leisure facilities, Globen is an urban symbol of the most modern Swedish capital.

Recently, a spectacular attraction in the form of a spherical glass gondola has been installed that, through rails, climbs around the Globe to 130 meters in height, providing its passengers with fantastic views of the capital of Scandinavia. The journey takes about 20 minutes.

Entry to SkyView costs € 15 for adults and € 11.80 for children 4-12 years old.

Royal Palace

The Stockholm Royal Palace or Kungliga Slottet is one of the largest in the world. With seven floors, this colossal building has more than 600 rooms that currently serve as the residence and workplace of the Swedish royal family.

Baroque in style, the Royal Palace is a true historical treasure worth visiting.

In addition to some royal dependencies, you can admire the Tres Coronas Museum, the Treasury Chamber, the Armory and the Gustavo III Museum of Antiquities.

The Royal Palace in Stockholm is located at Gramla Stand: Slottsbacken.

Entry costs approximately € 9.20 but is free with the Stockholm Card.

Stockholm cathedral

Stockholm Cathedral or Storkyrkan is one of the main tourist attractions in the city. Originally built under a Gothic style, it was later remodeled acquiring a Baroque style. Today there are only a few walls left from its first structure, but this circumstance does not detract from its appeal. Some of the works of art inside are worth seeing, especially the wooden sculpture of Saint George.

Stockholm Cathedral is located in Gamla Stan: Trångsund 1.

It can be visited every day, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The guided tour of the cathedral costs approximately 2.50 euros.

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