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The best of weekly news for families

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For the moms and dads who have been very busy this week and have not been able to follow us on a daily basis, we have put together a summary of today's highlights for them. Follow us on our Blog and discover the easiest and most comfortable way to stay informed and up-to-date.

Families of celiac children spend much more on shoppingDid you know that following a proper gluten-free diet, when we have a celiac at home, supposes an extra cost of about 1,500 euros a year in the shopping basket? Today the National Celiac Day, a disease that, in general, is characterized by an intolerance of those who suffer from it to gluten, a protein found in cereals.

An attractive, adequate and inexpensive diet for childrenI think it is not necessary for us to be experts in cooking to ensure that the daily menu we offer our children is balanced and economical at the same time. With a pinch of ingenuity, will and imagination you can prepare varied and nutritious dishes, even in families with tighter budgets. The key lies in the ideas that we have and that we can share with other parents.How long does a child need to eat?Approximately, adults take an average of 20 minutes to eat, but how long should children take? Certainly not the same as us. You should never expect a child to eat at the same time as an adult, it is logical that they go slower. Approximately, a 4-year-old needs 40 minutes to eat a first course, a second and a dessert. When time passes and we see that he is lingering around the food, that he does not want to eat, the experts say that it is best to remove the plate.What do you value in a toy when you give it to your child?What was my surprise this morning when, upon arriving at my work, I found a teddy bear on my table. Oh, what tenderness has awakened me! And you will ask me: Who gave you this little bear? Well, more than a gift, it is a creative invitation from the Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers, to the social events that it is organizing to claim and obtain the declaration of the toy as an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC).The awakening of the critical sense in childrenIt is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. This is noticeable, for example, in the daily lives of those of us who live with children. Many times a story alone is not enough for them. Children ask for images and more than that, live moments and know the facts with their own eyes. Children's eyes are like windows for learning through which all the information they receive passes and that one day becomes an opinion, and that later they will end up forming their critical sense.Education increases children's happinessWe are all concerned about the happiness of our children and I believe that parents are the main involved in generating this positive feeling in our children with our dedication, education and the affection that we give them every day. But what does happiness depend on, what makes us more or less happy?Will your baby be a boy or a girl?When I was pregnant, I was curious. I wanted to know if my baby was a boy or a girl to start making plans, shopping, choosing colors and furniture for the room. I dreamed of all the possibilities of her name and in her musicality with her last name, but I had to wait until the 20th week of gestation for the doctor to give me a reliable answer, since with the previous ultrasounds the sex did not look good.Draw of 10 Babyglow: the pajamas that warn if the baby has a feverYou will be able to participate in the raffle for 10 Babyglow, pajamas that change color according to the baby's body temperature and therefore warn parents when their baby has a fever. To sign up for the raffle and incidentally become part of a large community of mothers, fathers, pregnant women, babies and children, you will only have to subscribe to the Newsletter from our site.Baby named 'Like' on Facebook already has more than 4,000 fansIf you are a Facebook user and you search 'Like Adler' you will find a beautiful baby who, on her welcome, we can find an explanation that says that Lior and Vardit Adler, an Israeli couple, have given this name to their newborn baby in honor of the social network. They decided to give this peculiar name to their precious daughter, inspired by the 'Like' button on the social network.Maternal obesity and fertility are not compatibleSummer is a very good time to order a baby. Vacation relaxation provides the right psychological climate, away from the stress of work life, which favors pregnancy. However, it is very common to arrive in the summer season with a few extra kilos that, in some cases, may be incompatible with pregnancy.

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